Note(s) To Self

I’m a list-maker, an obsessive list-maker.  Something about planning my day by writing numerous “notes to self” appeals to me.

Right now, I have three lists going: one that deals with things I’d like to accomplish today; another that focuses on things I need to do in the next couple of days; and a third one that projects what I might do in the coming months.

It is, as one might imagine, difficult to keep track of my various lists.  I’ve actually had to remind myself to update my notes by, you guessed it, writing more notes!  This makes my note-writing very postmodern, in that my lists often become highly self-referential.

Does my life move more efficiently or smoothly because I write and plan so many of my daily activities?  Yes and no.  In one sense, I rarely forget what I need to do; however, I spend a ton of time preparing for my life that I often forget how to live it.

“Remember to live!”  Perhaps this should be the only note to self I truly need.