That’s All I Know (Right Now)

Blogger’s Note:

The headline of this post is the title of a Sonic Youth song in which Thurston Moore declares that: “I’m yours and you’re mine / And that’s all I know right now.” What will follow here (one item per day for each of the next seven days) is not a love song but is instead a short, randomly-ordered list of all I know right now. Enjoy!


There is no ultimate Meaning of Life; each of us gives meanings to his or her own life and, by extension, the lives of others.

Everything that occurs in one’s life is, by nature, neutral as it develops. It simply is. We process and assign values to our experiences after they happen to us. This is not to say that life is meaningless; in fact, it is rife with endless meanings, all of which we supply and then call our own. The universe never tells us how to live, but we all have the ability to make (and later change) meanings for ourselves.