My Tea Cup Runneth Over

The Tea Party is worried about our country’s direction, and wants everyone to know it. In fact they feel that America, with a liberal president at the wheel, is close to taking a sharp left turn onto Socialism Way.

Smaller government, states’ rights, less taxes: the Tea Party is filled with freedom-loving, God-fearing folks who cling to conservative ideals. And when they’re out preaching their gospel, they claim to have the common man in mind.

But who, in their estimation, is the common man?

If we were to fix our gaze on a crowd of patriotic Tea Party-goers, we’d have to assume that he’s one of them–a wealthy, college-educated, older white male with undying faith in our meritocracy.

“Work hard and you’ll be successful,” he’d proclaim, ignoring the fact that there are scores of Americans who don’t work hard but earn tons. Or the realization that numerous people work very hard at multiple jobs every day but languish in the depths of poverty.

Never mind that the Tea Party is looking out for itself, for its own stash of cash. “Don’t redistribute the wealth,” a member declares on Fox News.

Of course, “Don’t redistribute my wealth,” is what he really means.

One thought on “My Tea Cup Runneth Over

  1. Denise August 5, 2010 / 5:27 pm

    I am waiting for Tom’s comment.


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