What I Want Versus What’s Expected Of Me

“In a nutshell, it all comes down to what I want versus what’s expected of me.”
–Faye Miller to Don Draper
Mad Men, “Christmas Comes But Once a Year”
Originally aired on AMC, August 1, 2010

This quote intrigued me beyond its ramifications for the characters on my favorite TV show, Mad Men.

My mind went right to good old Sigmund Freud and his ideas regarding the Pleasure Principle as it relates to the Reality Principle.  We all possess many desires, and we often yearn for instant gratification, but there exists, of course, the fact that we are compelled to tame our passions for the sake of keeping society together.

Beyond Freud, though, something else struck me after looking deeper into Faye Miller’s line to Don Draper.

There are many times, when considering topics for this blog, that I struggle to focus on what I want to write as opposed to what I believe people expect me to write.  This is especially the case when I imagine what family and friends might think of me, of my thought process, after reading my posts here.

It’s a matter of my authenticity set against my need for approval.  Hopefully, as I move forward with my blogging endeavors, I’ll allow myself more opportunities to express my true sentiments, and thus gain my readers’ respect, even if we don’t always agree.