Pixels, Not Passion

The Internet has its advantages.  Without it this blog entry would not be possible.  But like anything else in this world, the Web has some major downsides.

Today people all across the globe have instant access to each other.  We have the opportunity to unite under the banner of common interests and shared causes.

Instead of going online to fight against the powers that be, however, many of us find ourselves escaping reality altogether.  The Internet, with its dazzling hyperlinked images, renders us numb, agents of our own pacification.

Pixels, not passion, rule us online.

A potential tool of resistance, the Web merely strengthens the oppressive hold of capitalism upon individual consumers.  We’ve sold our autonomy for the ability to buy and sell goods from the comfort of our homes, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Any desire to challenge authority has been replaced with the need for entertainment, for diversion, for image-yearning.  Our enemies keep us down by increasing our connection speeds.  By logging in we log off from the truth.

There’s no escaping our desire to escape from reality, especially when what we once considered real has been forever digitized.  Like the latest YouTube video sensation, our submission has gone viral.