The Existence Of Evil

My philosophical tendencies began in high school, when I realized the extent of life’s flaws.  Why does evil exist, I wondered while wandering the halls between algebra and physical science class.

Evil persists so that we might appreciate all that’s Good.  This was my teenage conclusion.  Seemed good enough at the time.

Then college came calling.  An intro to religion course freshman year found me questioning God, or as the budding poet in me saw it, the Unmoved Mover.

Why would a benevolent God allow evil to run rampant through His glorious creation?  A classmate thought it had something to do with letting us choose Good over Evil, to help the Lord battle Satan.  Something tells me that guy is a CEO somewhere in America, making some serious dough.

As for me, I took the Eastern Thought approach–you know, the one where nothing is either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.  Part of me still wants to believe this is the case, even on really terrible days when I’m cursing my existence and live to stay in bed.

Today I’m of a different mind.

I hold that as long as evil exists the whole business of life is corrupted.  That there is indeed something wrong with the world cannot be denied.  What I’m suggesting, though, is that the very fact we might choose good over evil, or that we might say everything simply happens and is intrinsically neutral, proves that life itself is flawed.  Not parts here and there–every part, everywhere.

And once we accept the existence of evil, we come to understand the extent to which we’ve been duped–by ourselves, by our parents and teachers, by our leaders, by God.  Duped into believing that Good Always Wins In The End.

Some might call this depression.  I call it the truth.