Evil: A Rebuttal

In my last post I took on the existence of evil, and concluded that evil’s presence in the world tainted every part of life, even those fleeting moments when we experience something good.

Today I am here to provide a rebuttal to myself.  Perhaps a cooking metaphor will help.

Imagine you are hosting a large group of very hungry people.  You plan on making 100 gallons of soup.  Everything’s going well until, seconds before serving the starving crowd, a fly lands in the pot.

You’re able to remove the bug, but can’t shake the feeling that your dish has been compromised.

But is the entire meal ruined?  Shall you toss away 100 gallons of savory soup when only a few ounces might be spoiled?

In the end, I believe it’s better to have an opportunity to experience something good–even while potential evils lurk in the background–than to have no experience at all.

One thought on “Evil: A Rebuttal

  1. Denise January 1, 2011 / 5:42 pm

    Chuck, It is only bad luck if the fly is swimming the back stroke. Nouna


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