Mixing Metaphors

Over the last two weeks, I have begun writing poetry inspired by bands like Pixies, Pavement and Guided By Voices. This new poetry is an exercise in free association in which I let ideas find me, begging to be consumed. Less editing is involved; a “first thought, best thought” approach emerges. Wordplay is of utmost importance, even if “meaning” is left open and abstract. My first attempt follows below.



there’s death in diagnosis
a panic for the cure

we name our faults
after the fact
blame our sorrows on the world
repressing all the rage

the center untenable
we’re forced to have fun
bored from playing fools

there’s nothing to see
but blinded eyes
truth a fiction
bound to keep us down

revolving doors
we lose ourselves
in passing moments

another sacred season
dead on arrival
bereft of crossed out loved ones

ever get the feeling
you’re mixing metaphors
for faint reaction
from an audience of one?

performing tricks
repeat speech violations
to be booked
in departments of correction?