Corrections And Clarifications

I have just edited my post from February 4, originally entitled “How To Speak American,” to reflect its updated title: “A Guy’s Guide To Speaking American.” Upon closer inspection, the poem is geared toward the perspective of certain American males, and thus was closed to the experience of American women.

In no way am I putting down America and traditional American values. The poem is intended to reflect a macho attitude that many American males often express. It’s a battle I’ve been fighting since high school, when I was once suspended for responding aggressively to a male classmate who questioned my sexual orientation through the use of a hurtful label. America is a great country; I want only to highlight that some Americans need an attitude adjustment.

Finally, I have also just edited my post from yesterday, entitled “Not-So Gun Shy.” In the original post I included a non sequitur about abortion and a woman’s right to choose in a piece focusing on gun control. As a rhetorical device, the reference was dubious, and it was brought to my attention that its inclusion weakened my argument and served merely to inflame people on the other side of the debate. I do stand by my opinions on the subject of gun control, however; I simply want to present a sound argument. I respect others’ viewpoints but take pride in my beliefs, however controversial they might appear.