Recovering Neurotic

A few days ago I joined an online dating site for people living with mental illness. During the sign-up process, I answered basic questions about myself and the type of woman I’m looking for. Unlike eHarmony or Match, this site contains a question about each user’s diagnosis. I searched and searched for the label that best describes my situation but was unable to locate the box for “Recovering Neurotic.”

I find this an apt description of my current state. Contemporary psychology has little use for the term “neurosis,” but I like it because it’s a polite way of saying I’m kind of nutty. Some days I’m more neurotic than recovering. But every day I go without a date I’m more than a little lonely.

One thought on “Recovering Neurotic

  1. Tom November 4, 2013 / 8:21 am

    To some degree we are all “Recovering Neurotics”.


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