All Too Human


I am unique. No one with this particular body or this particular mind will appear again in the future to live my life exactly as I do now. This is a comforting thought. I have value, I meaning something. Everything I encounter retains my trace. When I leave the house, part of me remains at home. People may wish me harm or curse my name, but no one steals my personhood.


But if I’m unique so are you. I’m a single soul in a world of billions. A raindrop in a tsunami. This doesn’t mean I shouldn’t try, but whatever I do, in the context of human history, leaves no discernible mark. A slight change in my DNA and I’d be someone else. In my self-awareness I recognize the contingency of my being and recall the nothingness from which my mind emerged.

Unique Insignificance

The human condition is rooted in contradictions and ambiguities. We know life’s a struggle and our only option is to fight. Your battle is yours alone. But it plays out alongside mine. I’m no better at resisting than you. We make up the world, but the world doesn’t need us to continue. We are tragic miracles, gone before our time has come.