Plug And Play

So it’s come to this. Literally.

The makers of a popular sexual aid for men have released their latest breakthrough device, the LaunchPAD. Now guys can watch porn on their iPads and “use” them at the same time. Talk about stimulating simulation.

I won’t link to the product here. Feel free to Google it at your own risk.

There are powerful testimonials on their site. I think “Moneyshots” puts it best: “I get out my LaunchPAD whenever my wife goes out of town. Now I wish she’d leave more often. This thing is amazing.”

Brilliant. A tablet as the other woman.

If anything, the LaunchPAD gives new meaning to the terms “hard drive” and “download.” It wouldn’t surprise me if the product is on backorder. Maybe Walmart will offer it on layaway this Christmas for wives in a giving mood.

One thought on “Plug And Play

  1. Tom Trebswether July 16, 2014 / 7:11 am

    Oh my god! Is everything virtual reality now? What’s wrong with the real thing?


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