Fighting Words

I’ve decided to start a different ISIS: Infidels for the Spread of Ironic Skepticism.

Terrorists are so sure of themselves. They’re committed to a common cause, united by a single thought. I’m indecisive, riddled with doubt, uncertain about my place in the world.

I’m America’s secret weapon in the War on Terror.

The Infidels will hold town hall meetings and lively debates. We’ll gather the brightest minds and most passionate speakers, promoting open dialogue. We’ll invade college campuses across America, recruiting artists and intellectuals versed in the principles of Ironic Skepticism.

We’ll be clever. We’ll write poetry. Our battle cry: “Why?” And we’ll videotape our activities to share on social media, turning the terrorists’ propaganda methods against them.

Alone my doubt is futile. As captain of the Infidels I’ll proclaim my faith in disbelief. Nothing frightens terrorists more than a free thinker with the audacity to question himself, to wonder if God isn’t on his side, to find appalling the slaughter of innocent people over a Hunch, an Idea, a Delusion.