Father Knows Jest

Three Parables, As Told By My Father:

A psychiatrist encounters a second psychiatrist, his colleague and friend.

“Hello,” says the first shrink.

“Hello,” says the second, walking in the opposite direction.

I wonder what he meant by that, thinks the first.

I wonder what he meant by that, thinks the second.


Bob picks up his friend Phil at the train station. Phil has traveled a long way.

“Are you OK,” Bob asks, “you look ill.”

“It was terrible. I had to ride backwards the whole trip.”

“Why didn’t you just ask the person across from you to switch seats?”

“I would’ve,” says Phil, “but there was nobody there.”


Moe the cab driver has finally done it. He’s first in line outside the arrivals terminal.

Positioned for a big-time customer or two.

A businessman, excited to see his loving wife and kids again, gets in Moe’s cab.

“236 Maple Street, please.”

“Are you serious? Take your fare? And lose this prime spot?”