Wish Network

I was watching Comcast SportsNet the other day via my Comcast Triple Play subscription when an ad for Comcast’s new Voice Control Remote caught my eye. Forget scrolling through guides or pressing buttons to access menus—coming soon viewers will use simple voice commands to train their clickers to do everything but roll over and play dead. Possible requests include:

“FIND The Biggest Loser.”

“SHOW me Tom Cruise movies.”

“RECORD Murder, She Wrote.”

“MAKE me happy.”

“PUNISH my enemies.”

“CONVINCE Kate Upton to have sex with me.”

OK, those first three I made up.

One thought on “Wish Network

  1. joe pelayo April 15, 2015 / 10:53 am

    If that’s true. I too need this remote. Lol


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