Free Writing #1

with bernie
i forget my cares
in a senior moment
kind of way

i hesitate to ask
the checkout girl
if she found everything okay

here let me help you
get off with that
the brim of my hat
the grin of a cat
don’t eat where you shat

love is the only thing to fear
as we backpack through europe
in the wetlands
of her thigh gap year

we’re up and coming
porno stars
our tubes are tied
sex roles rehearsed

measure for measure
i’m the little guy
adam in reverse
ribbed for her pleasure

i put my hand upon
your hip
when i drip
you drip
we sip

body double
negative thoughts
wet my bristle
lick my lisp

i’m in touch with my
feminine bride
the look on her face
when i tickled her
pretty in pink
on the inside

the checkout girl
in customer service
charges her therapist
with counter

goals for today
eat drink music
sports section
come (undone)
count my money
before the stealing’s done

c b snoad