Free Writing #3


i like to analyze my therapist
shoot the shit
with my proctologist

it’s all fun and games
till Oedipus pokes
his eyes out

there’s nothing
these days
you can’t say
on television

why won’t God answer
my texts?


i like to eat my nutritionist
wash the feet of my podiatrist
it’s all fun and games
till Dionysus passes out

my inner child lives
in his mother’s

i always use
proper grammar
on Twitter

my guardian
angel has
chronic fatigue


i develop selfies
in dark rooms alone

nothing lasts forever
in my experience

we no longer honor
expired coupons

is this a public
or shared computer?


whoever shaves my barber
must be careful
not to cut

i can’t take a moment
to review my
recent purchase

all the good guys
are gay or not
on Tinder

i always use
a filter
in dark rooms

c b snoad