Physical Fitness

What to do with my body?
I can walk with my body
I can eat with my body
Talk with my body
I can drive with my body
Pleasure myself with my body
Write a poem with my body
I can enter your house
& make myself at home with my body
Can I fuck you with my body?

What to make of my body?
Some parts might be smaller
Some parts might be bigger
I find my body in the mirror
It looks nothing like me
I can’t control my body
I go up & down with my body
There are serious issues with my body
My body is a medical condition
There’s a heaviness to my body
Maybe I should take it easy with my body

What to do about my body?
I have a sensitive body
You can tell just by looking at me
There are foods & people
My body won’t tolerate
I am nothing more than my body
I am nothing more than a body
There’s a heaviness to my body
There’s an easiness to things
I haven’t picked up yet
My body is a wonderland

I worry about my body
This headache
Cold feet
I wake up with neck pain from all the twisting
& shouting
& dreaming of tracing the curves of a body that is not mine
Am I doomed to repeat the mistakes of my body?
My body is going through the motions
There’s no deviating from the path of my body
I tug on my body but my body shrugs
My body is killing me
Fuck my body
I could do without my body
I can walk with my body
Eat with & talk with & drive with my body
Pleasure—write—bathe—flog my body
I can’t let go of my body
I can’t let go of my body
Would you be so kind
& fuck me in my body?

I’d like to accept my body
Count the holes in my body
I can’t deny my body any longer
I need my body more than you
In a dream I am satisfied with my body
& you’re satisfied & the gods
are satisfied & the world is satisfied &
the stars look satisfied & my life
is satisfying & you roll over in the bed
next to me & you think I’m playing dead
but I’m not anymore
& I overcome my body

c b snoad

2 thoughts on “Physical Fitness

  1. Tom Trebswether September 2, 2016 / 8:23 am

    Clever. All of us ultimately only have our body.


  2. chuck_snoad September 2, 2016 / 10:10 am

    Indeed. The body is a source of pleasure and distress. We feel with it and fret about how we feel about it.


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