Frustration Song

Frustration Song (Version Twenty-Oh-Two)

i CD PC DVD & PlayStation 2
eat antidepressants
shout silences @ God
my cell phone gives me purpose
i drive defensively
send/receive emails
make mountains out of molehills
a square peg knowledge a round hole mind
i pass faces on streets
& admire pebbles
afraid of eyes & love
steady unease
post-postmodern stress
all my towers grounded
Superman an impotent journalist
power in submission
wanting more fun than getting
the time clock marriage & constant constipation
i am fuzzy quick to inertia
wishy-washy goo
nuts bolts occasional emotions
a fragile yearning stick-figure
uptight inside-out
the soul exposed to flat air
free to make its own confinements

c b snoad
published in Lynx Eye (spring 2002)
edit 1-20-17