Cheez Whiz And Other Human Necessities

this is a poem about writer’s block

I’ve Ideas in here
twisted / lurking in silent corners
behind sexy porno-visions / schoolbook half-truths
& fond memories of losing myself

I’ve Ideas in here
realities / prophecies
poetry & other baloney
artsy wastes-of-time & pensive in-activities

I know / I know
poems don’t oil the Machine
don’t sell Cheez Whiz & other human necessities

but I’ve Ideas in here anyway
thoughts that matter in some distant dream Platonic fairyland
I know I must know something in here
where my Ideas hide
bashful / brainy
wetting mental pants
afraid of light / of pen & paper
of eyes & minds absorbing secrets of the suffocating 21st Century SOUL

I have Ideas in here I’d like you all to feel
but they’ve protested against this poem
demanding the safety of my skull
frightened of the Mess we’ve muscled out there

c b snoad
published in The Unknown Writer (spring 2003)
edit 2-1-17