Guilty As Bard

Confessions of a 21st Century Poet

I am moved by what the untrained call average ordinary bland; this gives me power

I see further into the THING of things than he who lives as just a thing

I am psycho-sexual & manic-electric

I dream when awake & sleep the whole day through

There is no unsaying of a said saying yes I’ve tried

I pray not to any god but believe in what the Mind cannot contain

I write because the Soul is Beautiful I know It is Beautiful You are Beautiful but together we tend to fuck things up from a place of love

This is not a Poem or a Story you are disappointed it is the Truth

I refrain from close contact with others; it is detrimental to my feelings

Now let me set this straight: I never make anything up in my Compositions—that which occurs in my Mind will transfer from Eye Ear Nose Throat Skin etc. into yours it will be a Real Experience & as far as we know it: the Truth is TRUTH

Some people (when stressed) consume the external i.e. bottle red meat pill &/or sexual appendage; I (though often lured by the above) just drift into thought & go

What you see here right now is not what I intended; to see my best art first find me dreaming second split my skull third wet your lips & last ENJOY

(Occasionally time floats off me)

I’ve done my fair share of reading (with the eyes) though mostly I just receive (through the Soul)

Words in certain arrangements structures & syllable links erect me this may be perverse

Refer to me please in the first person

Doctors listen to my Poems for the Message

Face it: you’re bored now go back to DOT COM TV VIDEO GAME CELL PHONE—I am ancient analog & full of bad news everybody already knows but is powerless to change because people have to eat & shit there’s no such thing as a free revolution no way on god’s green earth because god has been from the beginning under the weather

c b snoad
draft 4-21-02
edit 2-3-17