The Moon Is A Wild Creature

The moon is a wild creature
Stars are stones in the sky
I toss and turn in an empty riverbed
Anxious for the rest of my life

I read Sartre’s plays religiously
Just the funny ones
While pondering simple things
Like black holes
Folding riverbeds
And God’s infinite field of vision

My mind trembles
The moon is still
A wild creature

I can’t forgive myself
For all the pain
I put God through

The moon resembles
A wild creature
Stones are fallen stars
Asleep in a riverbed
Where I buried my dreams

I’ve convinced my life unfolds
Without me in an infinite field
Where God throws wayward
Shepherds down a black hole
For trespassing

The moon is something else
Stones and stars are different things
All together

I count thirty-three shepherds
And a flock of non-believers
Digging for answers
Beyond my wildest dreams

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