The People I Love

Lately I feel the need to tell
the people I love how much I love them.
The people I love need to know
I love them when they feel alone.

Lately when I feel alone I picture
the faces of the people I love,
beautiful faces not unlike my own.
I see my reflection in the eyes
of the people I love and I feel
more connected, less alone.

Lately I hear the people I love
speaking to me in my own voice.
They beg me to repeat their names
to remember they’re not alone.
Everyone has a voice, let’s not forget,
and a name, and every word we speak
contains traces of all the letters
in every name we call our own.

Lately I wonder if the people I love
hear my voice or if they simply hear
the sound of my voice speaking directly
to their pain and suffering and joy.
I wonder if the people I love know
how much I love them, how often
they save my life and help me survive.
I want to repeat, all at once,
all the names of the people I love
to remember we’re not alone.

One thought on “The People I Love

  1. Trebswether, Tom December 14, 2020 / 6:59 am

    We all know what you are talking about.


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