Outside Walgreens

Do you have a minute? I’m conducting a survey
about the human condition nobody asked for.
Don’t think too hard. This will only take forever.

Say you’re buying wine at the drugstore. Do you tell
the clerk to bag your medicine in paper or plastic?
Are you paying for your mistakes with credit or debit?

Are you free as a bird or high as a kite? Do you see
Linus or Lucy in the sky with diamonds? Imagine
the one you love. After taking your medicine tonight,

will you watch Netflix or chill? What about bunk beds?
Are you a top or a bottom? Play baseball? Do you pitch
or catch? Are the Dodgers in Brooklyn or Los Angeles?

In church do you sit on the left or right up front?
America is fighting a civil war. God is watching
from a distance. Are you with us or against us?

Outside Walgreens it’s raining cats or dogs?
We better get you out of those wet clothes.
I’m a nurse. Take me. I’m your medicine.