During This Pandemic

The therapist I’m working with
Over the phone during this pandemic
Helps me so much with my illness
But sadly I almost missed connecting with her
Because the first time she called
An automated voice answered
And said my number
Didn’t accept calls marked anonymous
Then hung up on her
I had no idea this happened
Until I called the clinic
To say no one had returned
My call from two weeks ago
Even though I left my name and number
Along with a brief message
This time thankfully I got a live person
A case manager who told me my therapist
Whose name I didn’t know at the time
Tried calling me twice but both times
An automated voice informed her
My number didn’t accept calls
Marked anonymous
I said sorry that happened to her
But the case manager said not to worry
Just kindly inform the phone company
I want to receive anonymous calls
Because therapists calling clients from home
Need their numbers to remain anonymous
So following the case manager’s advice
I removed the feature preventing me
From connecting with my therapist
Whose name I’ll never forget
But want to remain anonymous
And thankfully the next day
My therapist got in touch with me
And I said sorry I missed her twice
But she said not to worry
And now we talk honestly
For an hour every week
And like I said earlier
She helps me so much with my illness
Which sometimes makes me talk
So fast I need to catch my breath
Which a lot of people find hard to do
During this pandemic