Fun Facts About My Altered Egos

Charles B. Snoad was born under a full moon in 1980,
Ten decades before his time. His father wanted a girl.

Charles Beatrice Snoad is her name.
The girl his father wanted.

Charles Bader Snoad is a hand model.
Charles Barkley Snoad travels a lot.

On his blog,,
Charles Baron Snoad lists
Fun facts about his altered egos.

A nice guy, Charles Bronson Snoad will kick your ass.
Sadly, Charlie Brown Snoad is allergic to peanuts.

Charles Be Snoad wrote, all by himself,
The screenplay to Good Will Hunting
Under the pen name Matt Damon.

Charles Bentley Snoad drives a 2007 Honda Civic
Once owned by his mother, who only drove it
To and from church at a low speed.

Charles Byron Snoad is loved.
Loved, loved, loved.
He loves and is loved.
We all deserve to love and be loved.