Carry My Soul

Depression = Anxiety wants to end Anxiety.
Once and for all.

Mania = Anxiety is up all night.
Perfecting a poem about Anxiety.

PTSD = Anxiety hurts Anxiety.
Anxiety blames himself for creating Anxiety.

This is how
My day begins.

This is how
My life goes

This is how
I fall apart.

Trying to control
Forces out of my control.

Trying to control
My need to control
Forces out of my control.

This is how
My body grows
Too weak
To carry
My soul.

One thought on “Carry My Soul

  1. Marcia February 18, 2022 / 11:06 am

    Chuck, perhaps some of what is going on has to do with the pandemic with winter added on for bad effect. I know here that winter really decided to show up this year. And I see that you too are having a hard winter. Grab those pleasant days and get outside for a walk around, it helps me. I realize that of course is not all the answer, but it never hurts and may help. Florence Nightingale always said “plenty of sunshine and fresh air”. Thinking about you. Marcia


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