Trivial Pursuit Of Happiness

Thesis Antithesis Synthesis
Id Ego Superego
Client Therapist Transference

Cash Credit Debit
People Places Things
They’re Their There

Mind Body Soul
Underactive Thyroid
Overactive Superego

Netflix Hulu Prime
Facebook Twitter Pony Express
Myspace Napster AOL

Anti-Poems Made Of Non-Sense
Like This One Called
Trivial Pursuit Of Happiness

Thesis Antithesis Synthroid
My Reflection Is The Shadow
Of My Not-So-Super Superego

How’s It Hanging?
Little To Left?
Too Far Right?

Low Testosterone
High Blood Pressure
Intensive Care Unit

Rock Paper Scissors
Duck Duck Goose
Skin Tag You’re It

Naked And Afraid
Up All Night
Weep All Day

Big Brother Said
Kilroy Was Here
Watching Big Brother

Man Versus Food
Man Versus Nature
Man Versus Man

God Versus God
Good Versus Evil
Spy Versus Spy

Where Do You
See Your Selfie
In Five Years?

Great News
Your Windows 10
Machine Meets

The Requirements
For A Free Upgrade
To Windows 11

Nothing’s Gonna
Change My World
Across The Metaverse

When You Fall Asleep
You’re LYING Down

Let’s Eat Our Feelings
Bacon Lettuce Tomato
Sloppy G.I. Joe

Uh-Oh SpaghettiOs
Leggo My Superego
Alfred E. Neuman

Ate Too Much
Chuck E. Cheese
What, Me Worry?