Trivial Pursuit Of Happiness Hurts

I once knew a person
Named Ophelia
She worked for United Airlines
She was a stewardess
Or a flight attendant
She was many different
People at the same time

Ophelia get me to a nunnery
I’m a cloud in your sky
I’m an unruly passenger
With this poem I can’t wait
To share online:

“naked and afraid
up all night
weep all day
Big Brother said
Kilroy was here
watching Big Brother
man versus food
man versus nature
man versus man
god versus god
good versus evil
spy versus spy
poet verses poet
verse chorus verse”

To be or not
To be

A stewardess
Or a flight attendant
There’s no question

This trivial pursuit
Of happiness hurts

I’d rather be a cloud
Or the sun in your eyes