Sensitive Subject

I want to love
a brave woman
a smart woman
a playful woman

I want to embrace
the universe
of joy and sorrow
alive and well
within the soul
of a single woman

but my body is afraid
of being
hurt again

after years of writing
about suffering
and surviving trauma

my body remains
a sensitive subject

Carry My Soul

Depression = Anxiety wants to end Anxiety.
Once and for all.

Mania = Anxiety is up all night.
Perfecting a poem about Anxiety.

PTSD = Anxiety hurts Anxiety.
Anxiety blames himself for creating Anxiety.

This is how
My day begins.

This is how
My life goes

This is how
I fall apart.

Trying to control
Forces out of my control.

Trying to control
My need to control
Forces out of my control.

This is how
My body grows
Too weak
To carry
My soul.